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Get involved, exposed and impress an audience of 1200 dedicated IT professionals!

The Expo Area


The Expo area is the heartbeat of the venue, with session rooms located all around the expo. Except for the talks, all the action - partner stands, mingling, fun and games, and all food and beverage, is in this Expo area. This means all participants spend a lot of time in this bustling venue, which is custom designed to give all partners great exposure and a good experience.

We will restructure the area to give all partners more space and easier interaction with the participants. We increase the number of restaurants and all partner stands will now have an area where the participants will want to spend time, enjoying the variety of choices in food and drink.

The arena is set up to optismise interaction. The Expo area is clustered in groups: Food and drinks, gaming, and spots to just chillout. We are committed to taking NIC and the whole experience from the safe of the past to the Future Edition. 

We offer our partners a lot of different ways to present your business to the NIC crowd.  Click here to contact us for details.



The Venue

NIC is in Oslo Spektrum, the biggest and most central venue in Oslo, Norway. Oslo Spektrum is a two-minute walk from both the main train and bus central, and more than 2000 hotel rooms are available nearby. 


oslo spektrum

The NIC Experience gives you

  • Unique branding opportunity

  • Exeptional networking arena

  • Exposure of 1200 participants relevant for your business

  • Insight in the latest technology and business trends

  • A journey to exciting and beautiful Norway

  • Party!