Tracks NIC Artificial Edition

Artificial Platform
Learn how to leverage the different Clouds built-in functionality when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Analytics and IoT capabilities. This track will cover how these features are used today and will be used tomorrow. Enhance your security levels, improve your business processes and get more value from your data.

Cloud Platform
Development in the Cloud is rapid and new functionality is released frequently. It can be hard to detect what is important and how to address it. Get up to date, learn how to utilize existing features and plan for the ones to come.

Cloud Productivity
In a Mobile First World, this track will cover how to use the cloud to collaborate effectively and securely, how to implement new features as well as effectively benefit from existing investments.

Management & Automation
Automation has become crucial in a Cloud or Hybrid environment, whether its related to onboarding of users or a task to set up VMs in a uniform way. Learn what tasks should be automated and how to manage them

Server & Client
Server & Client systems are updated with new functionality and security features more often than ever. They must be deployed, serviced and managed. This track ensures you will have the knowledge what to do today and
plan for tomorrow!

We have once again dedicated a track to the Security-topic that will cover everything from Cloud and Hybrid security, device-security to penetration testing and hacker attacks and detecting/preventing hacker attacks.

CxO – Artificial Future
How can we use the power of the Cloud and AI to enhance, or create new, business? How can we learn, and act, in a different way as we face enormous amounts of data? How can data be a motivation to drive innovation? Learn from the industry leading vendors and experts.

Our valued partners present their technology & products in a dedicated track