Mikael Nyström and Viktor Hedberg

Mikael Nyström

Viktor Hedberg

Building a Resilient Hybrid IT-Infrastructure - Minimize the Impact of a Breach

The common factor in most breach cases is misconfigured infrastructure, leading to downtime ranging from hours to several weeks. This raises the age-old question, "What could we have done differently to prevent this?"

Based on over 33,000 hours of Incident Response engagements spanning more than 210 cases last year alone, we will show you how to build your IT infrastructure in a resilient manner to delay and detect the bad actors before they can do any actual damage.

About Mikael Nyström

Mikael "Deployment Bunny" Nyström is an industry-leading expert in Microsoft infrastructure and a multiple award-winning Microsoft MVP. Mikael works primarily in systems management for clients and servers and automation. Technologies like Azure, Azure Stack, Virtualization, System Center, Config Manager, OS deployment, and PowerShell are business as usual for Mikael. He's also a published author, a known presenter at Microsoft conferences, and has done more than 1,000 video recordings over the years.

Mikael is passionate about sharing his extensive experience and supreme knowledge from the field. Today Mikael is using all this knowledge in the Truesec CSIRT (Cybersecurity Incident Response Team) to help customers get back on track after incidents.


About Viktor Hedberg

Viktor is a cybersecurity expert and fresh Microsoft MVP with a background in IT operations and Identity and Access Management. Possessing in-depth knowledge in securing Microsoft-based environments and forensicating Microsoft cloud services makes him a valuable asset in any infrastructure, incident response, and blue teams. Additionally, Viktor is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, defensive and attack tools, and contributing to communities worldwide.