These days, nothing is more important than security. One large customer after another has been taken down by ransomware or other attacks. Users are constantly bombarded with phishing attacks and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. 

This track is focused on arming you with the best cybersecurity options. It spans from configuration of your environment to ensure increased safety, as well as forensic techniques to track, catch and evict intruders. Some of the biggest names in the security industry have taken the stage at NIC to present their content and show functional and usable solutions. 

Server & Client

At the heart of any infrastructure are Server & Clients. Make no mistake, cloud or no cloud – any organization needs clients and server functionality. How do you manage them with control and ease? What new technology is available to make your days easier? Why should you upgrade to the new version? Select sessions from this track to increase quality, speed and functionality in your day-to-day work with Server and Clients. 


The big analysis companies claim that 28% of all workloads will be moved to the cloud over the next few years. This track is wide and will cover different vendors, solutions and functionality. This is where you’ll find the way to modernize the old solutions, build designs to enhance functionality, best practices and proven solutions. This track will cover the big hyperscale vendors as well as a combination of these in multicloud environments. Why and How is front and center when the sessions are run. 

Operations & Automation

How to manage an infrastructure with the least effort and maximum effect? The Operations & Automation track highlights everything about operations. Join these sessions to learn tricks and see solutions that increase the quality, reduce workload and ensure consistency across your infrastructure. Operations is necessary for all organization, but how to best manage it? And regardless of tools needed for automation (Terraform, PowerShell, Bicep, Arm, CloudFormation) these sessions will show how you can use them to get the maximum benefit, (and possibly minimum effort). 


How do you design a solution that maximizes security, user friendliness and operational excellence? This track will have sessions related to architecture and design, as well as the use of code to make it happen. 

Data & AI

As we witness the explosive growth of interest in AI in 2023, a dedicated track will be primarily focused on AI and its associated data management. We will delve into the mechanics of Copilot and examine the key factors essential for success. Within this track, our sessions will thoroughly address topics including security, compliance, and the methods by which data is accessed by AI functionalities


Our partners will be on the exhibition floor and have an opportunity to present news, functions, products, customer stories and more. Enjoy the variety on this track to learn more about a specific partners solution or delivery.