NIC is the premier event for IT professionals seeking to dive deep into practical, real-world implementations and cutting-edge solutions.

Dive deep into the heart of IT at NIC Empower 2024. From Cloud technology to automation, security to collaboration, and beyond, our lineup of top-tier technical speakers will guide you through the latest advancements and real-world implementations that shape the future of IT.

Whether you're a seasoned technologist or an aspiring IT professional, NIC Empower is your platform to learn, collaborate, and explore. Expect less slides and more demos as we empower you with actionable insights and practical solutions that drive IT excellence.

Join us at NIC Empower 2024 to connect with industry experts, gain insights from top technical speakers, and discover actionable solutions that drive IT excellence. Together, let's redefine the future of IT and unleash the power within us all. Visit the official conference website for more details.


"NIC is the place to be if you want to see the width, depth, and complexity of the technology of today and tomorrow."

- Arne Bergersen, Program Manager


Terms & Conditions


There are no refunds for tickets.



Your email and phone number will be used for conference communication.

Your personal badge at the conference will have a uniqe QR-code with your personal information. You may allow partners to scan your badge. Note that your information then will be shared with the partner.

A photographer will be present, taking photos for marketing purposes.


NIC 2023 - Cloud Connect

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