Paula Januszkiewicz

Forensic Techniques and Incident Handling 

In a world with increasing numbers of attacks, no business or organization can believe to be safe or an undesirable object for the attackers. Paula and her team have worked in this field for a collective 600 years and combine their experience to educate and help organizations deal with the threats.

About the Masterclass

This is an intense hands-on course covering the general approach to forensics and incident handling, network forensics, important aspects of Windows internals, memory and storage analysis, detecting indicators of compromise, and a proper way of reporting.
The Master Class will address:

  • Introduction to Incident handling
  • Windows Internals
  • Handling Malicious Code Incidents
  • Memory: Dumping and Analysis
  • Memory: Indicators of Compromise
  • Disk: Storage Acquisitions and Analysis

About Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula Januszkiewicz is a world-renowned cybersecurity Expert, a founder of CQURE and CQURE Academy, and Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. She is also a top speaker at many well-known conferences, including TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, CyberCrime, etc., and is often rated as number-one speaker. Paula is engaged as a keynote speaker for security-related events, and she writes articles on Windows Security. She drives her own company CQURE, working on security-related issues and projects. Paula has conducted hundreds of IT security audits and penetration tests, including those for governmental organizations. Her distinct specialization is definitely on Microsoft security solutions, in which she holds multiple Microsoft certifications, besides being familiar with and possessing certifications in other related technologies. Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. In private, she enjoys researching new technologies, which she converts to authored training. She wrote a book about Threat Management Gateway 2010 and is working on her next book. She has access to a source code of Windows!