NIC X Edition 2022 – 10th anniversary

Welcome to the 10th anniversary of the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) - the premiere conference for any IT Professional and Decision Maker. Over the past nine conferences, NIC has presented some of the best speakers across a wide range of topics, technology, and solutions. Our speakers deliver content like no other venue with a clear focus on “showing, not telling.” By being independent of vendors, the NIC sessions include solutions with products from several vendors configured for functionality instead of being locked into a single vendor solution.

It’s clear that conference attendees find a lot of value in NIC: We have a 90% return rate.

The technology of today and tomorrow

Getting things right on the first try is hard. It takes both knowledge and experience. But how can you gain that experience without having a few failures?

Attending the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) has saved numerous organizations a lot of money. Getting the stories from the customers and speakers who have already failed, so that you don’t have to – is invaluable. Listening and seeing demos of real-life solutions that have proven value increases your chances of success. This saves your organization money, time, and frustration. In addition, it increases your ability to deliver new and improved solutions!

NIC X Edition is the 10th time Nordic Infrastructure Conference will support IT Pros and decision-makers in their everyday work. This is the place to get better, get new ideas, and sharpen your skills.

NIC is the one place to be if you want to see the width, depth, and complexity of the technology of today and tomorrow.

All presented with our slogan in mind: Less slides, more demo!