Welcome to NIC X Edition 2022

Welcome to the 10th anniversary of the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) - the premiere conference for any IT Professional and Decision-Maker. NIC is the industry’s foremost collaborative and learning event offered at a global level, with best-in-class content and structure delivered by some of the leading technical IT speakers in the world.

NIC is the one place to be if you want to see the width, depth, and complexity of the technology of today and tomorrow.

All presented with our slogan in mind: Less slides, more demo!

Explore the pre-conferences

Our famous pre-conferences are back! Make even more out of your NIC X Edition experience by attending one of the pre-conference sessions on the first day of NIC.

These intensive masterclass sessions bring together the best minds in the industry to provide deep-dive knowledge sharing in a unique setting.

Limited amounts of tickets available. The pre-conferences are at Rebel in Oslo. We will present more info on the topics and speakers soon.