NIC Cloud Connect 2023

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) - the premiere conference for any IT Professional and Decision-Maker. NIC is the industry’s foremost collaborative and learning event offered at a global level, with best-in-class content and structure delivered by some of the leading technical IT speakers in the world.

NIC is the one place to be if you want to see the width, depth, and complexity of the technology of today and tomorrow. NIC Cloud Connect will be hands-on sessions covering Security, Hybrid setup, Client & Server, Configuration, Operational tools, and more. Be Cloud Connected. Join us for NIC Cloud Connect in Oslo Spektrum.

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Plan your sessions November 8th - 9th in Oslo Spektrum with our mobile app! Scan the QR code or simply visit to get started. Follow any instructions on your phone to save the web-page to your home screen. 

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Step into the future with NIC Cloud Connect's Unmissable Keynote!

Join us for a deep dive into the ever-evolving AI landscape with our keynote: "Navigating the Generative AI Frontier: From MLOps to GenAI Ops." In today's rapidly changing tech world, understanding AI is crucial for informed decisions, choosing the right tools, and grasping its impact on your IT operations.  

The keynote will be delivered by Florian Rosenberg, CTO of Crayon Group, and Hilda Kosorus, Director for Data & AI at Crayon’s AI Centre of Excellence.

Don't miss out on our keynote session at 8:30, demonstrating how to design, train, test, and monitor generative AI models. It's not just a keynote; it's a tour of the AI landscape.

NIC Party with After Beach and DJ Kroken

Don’t miss out on the party November 8th from 17:00! DJ Kroken is all set to kickstart the party after the last sessions, followed by one of Sweden's most experienced cover and party bands, igniting celebrations across the country since its inception in 1986. After Beach is renowned for their unmatched musicality, incredible flexibility, and an infectious passion for live performances.