John Craddock

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) – The 2023 deep-dive masterclass

Whether you are a seasoned Entra ID (Azure AD) veteran or just venturing into the world of Microsoft Entra cloud identity, this Masterclass is for you. John Craddock has worked with Microsoft Entra ID since its conception. He has been involved in evaluating many of the new features as they went through private previews.

In this Masterclass, he will strip back the covers on Microsoft Entra ID and provide you with a detailed overview of the core functionality and all the latest feature, entirely up-to-date for 2023.

Come and learn about the following and more:

  • Best practices for registering and managing applications
  • Required permissions for accessing Microsoft Graph and other APIs
  • Troubleshooting application access
  • Managing user sign-in with Authentication Method Policies
  • Migrating from MFA and Self-service password reset policies
  • Managing Workload identities
  • Managing and assigning security attributes to users and workloads
  • Conditional Access
  • B2B user access

Come and join John for a day of creative Microsoft Entra ID geekery!


About John Craddock

John has designed and implemented computing systems ranging from high-speed industrial controllers to distributed IT systems focusing on security and high availability. He has been a key player in many IT projects for industry leaders, including Microsoft, the UK Government, and multinationals that require optimized IT systems. He has developed technical training courses, co-authored a highly successful book on Microsoft Active Directory Internals and regularly presents at major international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite, NIC, Cybersecurity, TechEd, and TechDays. 

He is passionate about communicating tough technical content in an engaging and highly consumable format. John's Identity Masterclass, which he teaches internationally, has received the highest commendations.