NIC 2023 – Cloud Connect

Welcome to NIC Cloud Connect – the top conference on all things Infrastructure related! Cloud Connect symbolizes the reality of the infrastructure world we live in. Cloud is top of mind for many organizations and IT-pros, but most of the world’s workloads are still being run in the local data centers around the globe. We want Cloud Connect to symbolize the needs, wants, and drive to move to the cloud while still being connected to the on-premises environment.   

NIC Cloud Connect will be hands-on sessions covering Security, Hybrid setup, Client & Server, Configuration, Operational tools, and more. Be Cloud Connected. Join us for NIC Cloud Connect. 


NIC X Edition 2022 – 10th anniversary

Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of NIC, which was a huge success! With world-class speakers across a wide range of topics, technology, and solutions - and a record-breaking number of attendees.  

Visit NIC X Edition to look at last year´s tracks and sessions.