Introducing Keynote speakers for NIC Cloud Connect 2023

Florian Rosenberg
CTO, Crayon Group

Hilda Kosorus

Director Data & AI, Crayon’s AI Centre of Excellence


Step into the future with us at NIC Cloud Connect’s Keynote, “Navigating the Generative AI Frontier: From MLOps to GenAI Ops”. This isn’t just a talk, it’s a journey into the heart of AI, a compass guiding you through the complex landscape of artificial intelligence.

Generative AI is an emerging field of artificial intelligence, where machines can generate novel and realistic content, such as images, text, music, and more. However, developing and deploying generative AI models is a complex and challenging task. It requires a new set of skills, tools, and processes, which we refer to as GenAI Ops.

This Keynote will present the challenges and opportunities of generative AI, and how GenAI Ops can help you address them. Join to see and hear a live demo on how to design, train, test, and monitor generative AI models.

Our guides on this journey? None other than Florian Rosenberg and Hilda Kosorus. Florian, the CTO of Crayon Group, is not just a tech leader but a pioneer in the field of computer science.  Joining him is Hilda Kosorus, Director of Data & AI at Crayon’s AI Centre of Excellence. 

Together, they’ll not only share their knowledge but also demonstrate it live on stage. Witness firsthand how to design, train, test, and monitor generative AI models. The future is here and it starts at 8:30. Don’t miss your chance to be part of it!

Florian Rosenberg

Florian has over 15 years of IT experience and a strong passion for technology leadership. Before Crayon, he held several leadership roles, most notably at IBM in the US and Europe, where he was responsible for developing innovative solutions in cloud, DevOps, and AI to enable long-term customer success.

Florian has a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University in Vienna, Austria and has lived and worked in Austria, Australia, and the US. He holds several patents and is the author of numerous highly cited and peer-reviewed publications. He is an Austrian national living in Vienna.


Hilda Kosorus

Ms Kosorus has been working in the field of Data Science for the past 12 years. Having a strong academic background, after finishing her Ph.D. in computer science, she focused on applying her skills to various industrial use cases by developing and delivering AI solutions that drive business value. She worked on a various customer-centric AI solutions, ranging from behavioral patterns to churn prediction and personalized targeting. Her strongest skills focus on bridging the gap between analytics and business, creating value from data, and helping organizations become more data driven.