John Craddock

M365 / Azure AD taking a holistic Zero Trust approach to secure your environment

Today we need to reach out to partner organizations, cloud providers and allow our users to work from home. Our containing perimeter is gone, and we need to adopt a new stance as actors move around our systems and access resources. Never trust, always verify. This is the cornerstone of Zero Trust. 

About the Masterclass

A Zero Trust strategy should provide us with stepping stones to work towards an ideal security posture. Microsoft has identified three critical principles for Zero Trust:


Least privilege

A user's privileges within the ecosystem must never be greater than those required to perform a particular task.

Verify explicitly

Continuously verify resource access based on user identity, environment, device health, and risk.

Assume breach

Add defences to minimize the chances of a breach. Use analytics to get operational insights, detect threats and improve protection.


Microsoft Azure AD provides many technologies to help implement Zero Trust systems, but where do you start?

Come to this one-day masterclass, and John Craddock will explain the issues, steps, and technologies required to implement a Zero Trust strategy for your Azure AD / M365 environments. He will lead you on a journey that encompasses hybrid authentication, B2B, MFA, passwordless authentication, Role-Based Access Control, application management, conditional access, privilege identity management, endpoint management, identity protection, analytics, and more. Expect lots of demos along the way.  

About John Craddock

John has designed and implemented computing systems ranging from high-speed industrial controllers to distributed IT systems with a focus on security and high availability. He has been a key player in many IT projects for industry leaders, including Microsoft, the UK Government, and multinationals that require optimized IT systems. He has developed technical training courses,
co-authored a highly successful book on Microsoft Active Directory Internals, and regularly presents at major international conferences, including Microsoft Ignite, NIC, Cybersecurity, TechEd, and TechDays. 

He is passionate about communicating tough technical content in an engaging and highly consumable format. John's Identity Masterclass, which he teaches internationally, has received the highest commendations.